Mad Mel Arena #505 joins Team Crazy


It is with great excitement that the Crazy Skate Company announce its first ever internationally sponsored player.  Australian player Mad Mel Arena #505 (Melanie Van Dyk) has officially signed on to team Crazy as our first ever Australian sponsored player.  Company owner John Moore said that “we took our time in investigating a pool of very talented Australian players and made the decision to approach Mad Mel because of her seemingly limitless potential on the track”.

The international sponsorship program from Crazy Skates will see a number of players join the team and become part of the Crazy family.  “The program is just as much about the skater as it is the company” Trent Carter said, “with a real emphasis placed on providing some tangible benefits to the skater”.  The Crazy sponsorship program seeks to assist the skater in advancing their Derby career with far more than just free gear in exchange for exposure of the brand.  “We understand what a good skater can bring to the mix.  Just sponsoring players with a pair of skates is NOT what we are about”. It is such a pleasure to welcome Mel to the company as the first ever sponsored player.  Mad Mel recently completed a tour of the USA playing some of the best ranked teams in the world and did more than just “hold her own”.  She is an awesome athlete with so much to offer the game of Derby.

Being an Australian based company, it was important to support an Australian player first.  This is a major step for the company as it expands its operation into the USA this summer with a distribution warehouse opening in San Diego California in July. Supporting and sponsoring players is a big part of the Derby business for Crazy.  The sponsorship program is set to expand later this year with a number of skaters being considered across the globe.  The sponsorship program is set to change the way that current sponsorship of players is done.  High profile players deserve more than “signing their life away” for a free pair of skates. This is just one of the many changes that Crazy Skates will bring to the industry with their expansion into the United States.

Crazy is all about finding the RIGHT people for the brand and equipment.  The company take pride in both product and the people that represent it,  this includes retailers and players.  It is all about building a team, a team of people that believe in the product.  Mad Mel’s own words, “I chose Crazy Skates because they are an Aussie owned, close knit team that really care about their customers.  I didn’t want to just be another name on a website. I know Crazy will look after me and my Derby needs and ultimately welcome me as a member of their Crazy - ‘Cray-Cray’ family & how fitting because I’m a MAD one ;-p”

The Crazy Skate Company is proud to support Mad Mel #505 and look forward to a long and prosperous relationship!


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